Hi! My name is

Dennis John Wilson

  • Software Developer
  • Technological Consultant
  • Coach

I've come a long way. I started working as an enterprise java developer, spend some years in web agencies and startups. Nowadays I use JavaScript as my favourite language. I like to get things done and happen.

I casually teach Idiomatic JavaScript (DE) and regulary publish useful pieces of software at 悊恙 RISU.IO (EN)

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3 Things I can do for you

  • Development

    I am a software developer for about 15 years. Nowadays I use JavaScript as my favourite language. Successful development is much more then just coding. A well plannedpiece of software, with a clean test coverage is worth time and money.

    You can benefit from years of hard earned expertise by deploying me to your team.

  • Consultancy

    It is not just about the programming itself. In most cases you'll need advice to make the right choices for your project. New technologies appear on a daily base. To make your way through this technological jungle, you'll need a native.

    Let me be your scout and guide you to the appropriate solutions.

  • Coaching

    Proper coaching goes beyond just teaching technique or technology.

    With an expert eye and much experience earned at different world class companies, I will optimize your project and team for reaching your maximum potential.

What Iā€™m best at

Skills & Knowledge


  • NodeJS
  • HapiJS
  • ExpressJS
  • KrakenJS
  • CouchDB/PouchDB
  • Neo4j


  • Hoodie
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Canvas
  • three.js


  • Gulp
  • Git
  • NPM/Bower
  • Karma/Mocha
  • Jasmine
  • Docker


Senior Software Developer

"Stand back I know regular expressions!"
Years as Professional: 15

Regular Speaker

"Are you talking to me?"
Public Talks: 24

JavaScript / ECMA 100%
Client Side 80%
Server Side 90%
Data Stores 70%
DevOps 75%

Beginner Writer

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur."
Print Articles: 4 | Books: 0

Professional Survivor

"Oh no not I, I will surviiiiive!"
Startups: 1 | Hackathons: 5 | Burnouts: 2

Professional Traits

  • Craftsman


    Working self employed means: Craft things or die trying. The software-craftsman gets things done!

  • Motivator


    Likes what he is doing. Likes life. Spreads this very spirit and shares it with the team.

  • Creator


    Invents new things and enhances exsisting results to the better.

  • Minimalist


    Reduced clutter and keeps focus on the necessary and important things.

  • Strategist


    Thinks outside of the box and long term. Has all important constraints in mind.


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